Auto Journals

Automatic recording of any activity you perform on a contact

Keep track of sent emails, calls, appointments, etc.

Save time spent recording and transferring data manually

Automatic logging of contact activity

Detailed reporting

Files and Documents

Store a complete library of forms and documents online for easy access

Send them directly to customers and employees from your mobile device

Always have the right form handy

Never carry paper forms again

Share documents with your team of employees

Contact Management

Contact information is automatically synced between the web application and mobile device

Create custom contact fields

Contact records are always up-to-date and available on the road


Centralize all of your email accounts in one place with IMAP

Send and receive emails from all of your accounts

No more logging in and out of multiple email accounts

Mobilize your Outlook - sync your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes


Calendar events are automatically synced between the web application and mobile device

No cable to plug in or download - data is always current in both locations

Task Management

Tasks are automatically synced between the web application and mobile device

Keep tabs on the status of your task - current, delinquent, completed, etc.

Set priority levels - high, medium or low as well as the due date

Sales and Opportunity Management

Track sales and lead activity by workflows and status levels with the Accounts screen

Create custom sales fields

Record all information needed to keep on top of sales

Add contacts and journals

Record the sales transaction when completed

Employee Oversight

Manage multiple employees from your mobile device

Assign and transfer leads and monitor sales activity from the road

Automate business data flow throughout your mobilized sales team

Maintain control over sales data without requiring a back office staff

Remotely back up or wipe data on your device from the website